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Day 2: Long Live, With You

Well, there are only two days left. And being that Taylor Tuesday didn’t happen this week, and, since there are only two days left, I decided to turn it into Taylor Thursday because it is important to me to get in one more Taylor inspired post.

And, being that this is the last one – at least while I’m still in college, I decided to make this an intense version of a Taylor post and use multiple songs instead of just one!

I know. Blows your mind, doesn’t it?

There has been one T-Swift song with several lines of lyrics that have been on my heart the last week or so.

The song is called “I’m Only Me When I’m With You,” and the part of the song that gets to me goes like this:

I’m only up when you’re not down.
Don’t wanna fly if you’re still on the ground.
It’s like no matter what I do.
Well you drive me crazy half the time;
the other half I’m only trying to let you know
that what I feel is true.
And I’m only me when I’m with you.

Facing the last few weeks of school, I have really tried to spend quality time with friends, several of which are having an equally difficult time with graduation as I am.

Yes, it is hard for me to be okay with graduation, but I think it is even harder on my heart when I see them sad.

It’s true that they drive me crazy sometimes, but I love them, and it is my time and memories with them that have made me who I am.

I’m me, the really crazy, bossy, giggly version of myself, when I am with them.

And I’m better for knowing them.

I’m less crazy and bossy and giggly, okay I’m still really giggly, but I am less of the bad stuff because of them.

And even when I am the one making them crazy, they still put up with me and love me anyway, which just makes them all the more important to me.

There is just something to be said for those people who see you grow up in lots of important ways. Those people who are right beside you while you figure out how to juggle family, school, and life, while you assert your independence and learn that loving God has nothing to do with your parents but is a choice and a relationship that, as a grown-up, you have to take full responsibility for yourself.

There is something to be said for those people who are there to make all the memories you will never forget, like 80s dress up days, late night conversations, and hours spent at the lake watching the stars.

It’s like another T-Swift song, one I have mentioned before, “Long Live.” This song gets me every time and almost always makes me cry, particularly the line that talks about “fighting dragons with you.”

Coming to the end of my college career, I feel like that is what I have been doing here with all of these people who mean the world to me. We have been fighting dragons. Dragons of hectic class schedules and difficult life circumstances.

Dragons, or obstacles, that have been both good and bad. And here, with these people, we have been fighting them together.

I have had one of the most difficult years of my life this year, but I haven’t been alone. I have had my friends right beside me, fighting with me.

“Long live the walls we crashed through while the kingdom lights shined just for me and you.”

We crashed through walls in our own hearts and lives, with the help of God and His “kingdom lights.” We overcame obstacles and learned important lessons. And we set out on the path to be even more of who God purposed us to be.

And then there is the line:

“I had the time of my life with you.”

This is the truest and most honest statement from any Taylor song ever.

At least true for my heart, and there is nothing more for me to say.

I had the time of my life, fighting dragons with you.


Day 30: Fearless

A few weeks ago, back in the days when I used to blog a few times a week instead of a few times a month, I wrote a blog about fear.

While I was thinking about this theme of fear, or the repentance of it, I figured what better T-Swift song to talk about than “Fearless.”

No this song isn’t really about repentance of being afraid, but the title is “Fearless” and it is about experiencing something, in the case of the song that thing is love, without fear.

The experience in the song is one that could generally be characterized by fear or, at least, nervousness and most new things, such as graduation, do. For the character, aka Taylor, it isn’t about the fear; it’s about the experience.

My favorite line of this song – okay one of my favorites – says, “cause I don’t know how it gets better than this.” Instead of focusing on the fear, it is best to walk through life experiences with an eye for the good, not the scary.

I don’t know how my life could get better than it is right now. No, it isn’t perfect. I have actually had one of the hardest years I’ve ever had, but, for the most part, it is perfect. But perfect or not, God is in it.

So, cheesy as it sounds, it can’t get better than this because God is with me, and I am going to live fearless.

Day 51: Our Song

The Gang

Today’s Taylor day is coming a little early – shock I know. I am finally getting out the Taylor post I’ve been working on for over two weeks now. I just couldn’t get it right before, but with a sudden rush of inspiration it came to me.

The post took so long because instead of just commenting on a Taylor song I decided to re-write one of my own.

“Our Song” has always been one of my favorites and when thinking about this year this seemed like the perfect choice, only the lyrics didn’t seem to fit.

I’ve spent four years building friendships and making memories with the people here at OKWU. We, meaning my friends and I, laugh at the same thing, quote the same movies, and know the ins and outs of who each other are and want to be. Thus, I figured it was about time for us to have a song!

So here is my attempt at the song to encompass the last four years of my life and my love for the people I have shared it with.

I was driving in here
The very first year
In the front seat of my car
I had just one shot then
To make best friends
And now you have my heart
I look around, slow the busy down
And say, “Hey I think something’s wrong.”
It ain’t nothing
I was just thinking
How we don’t have a song
But we say

Our song is our memories
Staying up late, laughin in the hallway
When we tell a joke we talk real low
Cause he’s right there and he don’t know
Our song is the way we laugh
The first day that I missed you
And I should have
And before we go, before we say the end
Asking God if he could play it again

I was walkin back in this place we live after everything that day
Had been all wrong
My heart was trampled on
Just lost and gone away
Got to the hallway
Fell on my way
To the place we live
There you were
Waitin on me
With a smile that said

I’ve tried every friendship, looking for the right one
Waitin for something to come along
That was as good as our song

I was livin out life
With you guys in the place that God sent me
I looked back on our memories
And it was beautiful to me

Day 59: Taylor Tuesday – I Was Enchanted to Meet You Too

Taylor Tuesday yet again, or the day after.

It is a Taylor day, but today, instead, I think I will talk about a song sung by Adam Young of Owl City – it’s okay it is still a Taylor Swift song.

If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted” was written about Adam. (For more details check out my earlier post on Enchanted: Day 109: Enchanted)

If you remember back to my previous post about Enchanted, Taylor wrote it to Adam the first time they met.

Recently I heard Adam’s response to this song from Taylor. He sang the same song and just changed up the last verse. It may be a little bit of plagiarism for stealing Taylor’s song but if I were Taylor I don’t think I’d care.

By posting himself singing the song, Adam was basically telling Taylor that it was enchanting to meet her as well. He said he didn’t have anyone else waiting on him and that meeting her was like a fairytale. (Okay, the fairytale thing is my own artistic license to extrapolate but that is pretty much what the song is about.)

Ever since I heard Adam’s version of Enchanted I have been thinking about it. I wondered if there is anyone I know cares about me that I haven’t taken the time to say thank you to.

When you meet someone you are enchanted to meet or just have someone in your life that you are truly thankful for it is nice to know they feel the same about you.

When I thought about this philosophy of telling people how important they are to you, the person I thought of is my mother.

I know my mom loves me with everything in her because she is my mom for one, but also because she tells me all the time. But I was curious if she knows how important she is to me.

My mom is sort of the glue of our family and it wouldn’t run without her. We used to call her supermom when we were younger. She does everything and she is wonderful. She’s everything I want to be when I am a mother and I can’t think of a better example to model my life around. She loves God and does her best to raise her children according to His plan. She isn’t perfect and would be the first one to tell you so, but I don’t know what I would do without her.

So mom, thank you for being you, and for being my mom!

Now, after the shout out to my mother, the point I’m trying to make here is, if there is someone important to you in your life make sure they know how important they are.

If you’ve ever had someone who mattered a lot to you come up to you and tell you that you matter to them, you know how great it is. So take the unselfish version of this and tell someone you know how enchanting they are or how important they are to you.

You never know when you might make their day.


Day 66: Taylor Tuesday

I started a Taylor Tuesday post last week and it took so long I didn’t even get a post up. So instead of continuing with the song I had planned, I decided to work with a different song this week.

In the process of putting off last week’s post – is as per my usual these days – my radio/iTunes kept playing the same song. And for some reason, the same line of the song kept sticking in my head.

The song is “Fifteen.”

First off, let me just say, thank goodness I am no longer fifteen, those where not my best days.

This song is largely about being your own person and knowing that what happens in high school isn’t the be-all-end-all of life. In fact, in the grand scheme of life it really isn’t that important.

Since I’m past that phase of life, fortunately, the part of the song that resonated with my life was just the first two lines:

“You take a deep breath and you walk through the door,

It’s the morning of your very first day”

This line is referring to the first day of high school, but really it could relate to anything new that you might be walking in to i.e. graduation and the rest of life.

There are two pieces of profound wisdom here when facing the “very first day.”

Walk through the door

1) Take a deep breath

Stop. Take a minute, or even just a second, to savor the moments past and prepare for the ones ahead. Stopping to take a breath is sort of like stopping to smell the roses. It means recognizing where you are, and where you’re going. It means stilling any nerves that might be leading towards panic, and just going for it.

2) Walk through the door

Just do it! The future is inevitable. As much as we sometimes try and hope and wish for it not to come, it has to. It is going to come so you may as well take that deep breath and just walk through that door in to whatever God has planned for you.