My name is Rachel Ross. I am a senior communications major at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

All my life I have dreamed of being a writer. I had hoped to be a novelist actually. However, my busy life doesn’t necessarily leave room for novel writing. At the instruction of one of my professors I decided to start writing short stories instead which is going much better then my attempts at a novel.

Coming in to my last semester of college I wanted to try something that would catalog the days until graduation, help me work through the emotions this change of seasons in life provides, and maybe help someone else with their similar emotion in the process. And out of that came “See Rachel Graduate.”

Life is hard sometimes. And for me, saying goodbye to the life I’ve lived for the last four years at OKWU with all my friends is difficult. Every day a different emotion or “problem” comes up and I have something to catalog for the day.

This blog is my life, at least little parts of it. I hope you enjoy it and get to know me a little better along the way. But more importantly, I hope the Lord uses my words to touch your heart.



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