Happy Daddy Day!

Today is my first Father’s Day away from my father.

Weird right?

I have spent the last twenty-two years celebrating my dad with my dad, in the same house at the same party. But this year I will be celebrating him from 581.48 miles away. Yes, that is an exact mileage. I mapquested it.

I was the first born of my father’s children so I am the first reason he got to be a father. I don’t mean that in a selfish some-how-Father’s-Day-is-about-me way because obviously it is not at all about me. I just mean, I spent my life being thankful that I got to give Aaron Ross the official title of “Dad” and being so proud to call him mine.

A lot of people probably say this about their father’s, especially today, but I’m pretty sure I have the most incredible father in the world!

He spoils me rotten, in the best way, he loves me always, and takes great care of me and my entire family.

He made me who I am, from my ability to make up random song lyrics to my love of Sunday afternoon football (yes, I really do enjoy football. But only on Sunday afternoons) and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

When it is a holiday in which gifts for Dad are required (aka Father’s Day, dad’s birthday, Christmas etc.) my dad usually prefers love letters over presents. He always says he has everything he needs so he enjoys getting letters or cards that say how much he means to us kids.

It is a great gift really. And nice for the pocket book too, I have to admit!

So today, from 581.48 miles away this is my love letter:

Dear Dad,

Thank you.

For being wonderful!

For handing me money before I leave the house.

For counting down at the countdown at church so loud the entire sanctuary can hear.

For singing random songs way to early in the morning.

For teaching me how to check my oil even though I never do it.

For providing for me and caring for me.

For showing me what love is supposed to look like.

For leading by example as how to follow the Father in Heaven.

I love you,



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