Change Happens

I have been a college graduate for over a month now.

Since graduation, what I thought was the end of the world, my world has experienced some large changes.

I am back living with my parents, though this is just a temporary arrangement in between my gallivanting across the country for weddings.

I now have almost more married friends then I do single ones. Okay, that was an exaggeration but only because I have tons of friends and there are still a lot of weddings to go this summer.

In other news, I have a boyfriend now. This is definitely a change, a very good one.

I wasn’t sure I was going to mention this but since the topic of conversation currently is change and this is one I am experiencing in life right now, I figured it was important to mention. Plus, he reads every blog post I write and I thought he might enjoy a direct mention of him instead of the subtle hinting ones that I have used in the past.

I remember as graduation was approaching, the thing I was most worried about was change.

I hate change, and now, here I am in the middle of the most change I have experienced at one time.

I’m no longer surrounded by twenty best friends everyday. I am out of my support system and the “home” that I have felt so comfortable in over the last four years.

I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off, in charge of a million things at once – thank goodness for that, I have to say – I needed a nap!

All the change and being away from what I’ve been so happy with for so long- it is a strange feeling.

I feel like I am discovering who I am all over again.

I’m relearning how I am going to behave in this new and different world.

It’s not just that school’s over and it’s summer.

The hard thing about this change is that a chapter of life is over and a new one has started.

My friend Whitney said, in a discussion on the topic of change, “It kind of happens without you giving it permission.”

And that is definitely how I feel.

I did not give my life permission to change completely but it did. And it isn’t even me deciding to actively make the changes- it is just happening.

I had no control over graduation or my friends getting married. I had some say in the boyfriend matter but why would I want to fight that?

But I guess the point of trusting the Lord is that when change comes that I have no control over, He does. He knows what is up even when I don’t.

He knew that it was time to leave the safety of college and move on to the complete upheaval of life after college complete with house bills (whenever I find a place to live), school bills, and married friends.

And as lost and out of control as I sometimes feel, I really am at peace with the changes.

I know I am where God has me and that makes all the change easier.

People, aka my mother, always used to tell me that change is a good thing. I generally tended to disagree due to the sheer amount of discomfort that change provided me.

But, if there were never any change there would never be any growth.

If the leaves didn’t fall off the trees in the fall, they couldn’t grow back in the spring even prettier then the year before.

So, my conclusion: change happens, get over it.

And believe me, this is as hard a concept for me to grasp as it is for anyone.


About Rachel Ross

I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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