Day 64: A Step Toward Acceptance

I am currently sitting on the sidewalk outside the school gym waiting to leave for the national basketball championship.

I know I have already posted about my last day of cheerleading but that was just my last day at our home court. Nationals marks the actual last time I get to cheer.

This is me taking baby steps into the acceptance of graduation. I think I'm going to need some help with this one.

So I’m sitting here in the lovely though slightly chilly Oklahoma weather waiting. Waiting to leave for spring break. Waiting to start nationals. Waiting for time to take a huge leap of fast-forward and school to be over.

Though I tried to veto it, Spring Break is basically here and I have no choice but to accept it.

Eight weeks and counting. Sixty-four days and counting.

I’ve thought of this so many times. I’ve been counting down for basically 120 days so you’d think I would be ready. But no, I’m not.

It just hit my, I think it was yesterday, that this really is almost over.

There will be no more national championship cheerleading days as an OKWU cheerleader. Not more days of waking up in the dorm and getting ready for the day in the bathroom I share with my suitemate Emily, and our friend Tirzah who joins us on a regular basis. No more Literature classes with my favorite professor. No more late night dance parties or staying up just because. No more cafeteria food – oh wait, I’m excited about that one.

It is all going to change, and it starts today. Okay, it really started the day I started this semester, or this year, or even really college in general, but now it’s almost over – for real.

I could not use my powers as Student Body President to veto Spring Break. To bad, thought I had more power then that! Granted, I would probably get injured if I canceled Spring Break. But never-the-less it is here and that means school is about to fly by and be over, not my favorite epiphany.

Let’s all just pray that it goes as slow as molasses in winter, or as slow as Christmas – though I know May 14th comes much sooner then Christmas.

I think I am just going to have to accept the coming of the end of the year and enjoy the time in between now and then. This includes enjoying my spring break including the NAIA Division 2 National Championship. The team won their first game by one point in overtime by the way. Incredible game!


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I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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