Day 75: Wedding Mania {Part 3}

Most recent in wedding planning decisions - aisle decs!

I am officially titling myself  “wedding planner,” thanks to my best friend Brooke getting married this summer. I have the chance with this friend, among many, to help with wedding plans from invites to her picnic themed reception. And so far I’m having a blast.

This Saturday I went to the same close out fabric store that she and I explored in Wedding Mania {Part 1}. Now, just days before its official closing, everything is REALLY on sale. I went to find fabric for a costume I need for school but came out with a ton of stuff from the wedding instead.

We are talking hole punch for the programs that exactly match the already printed save-the-dates, paper for the bridal shower invitations, and much more.

Then today, in about five seconds, we went from her not realize she needed to come up with decorations for the center aisle during the ceremony to having the idea of what she wanted and the how-to nailed down, in my head anyway.

This is so much fun!

Gone is the feeling of “oh no my best friend is getting married and moving to Kentucky” here to replace it – at least until the wedding day when the reality of giving her away will sink in – is the feeling of “yeah planning!”

I’m sure I will freak out every once in awhile when I realize the wedding I am helping with is my best friends and it is crazy that she could possibly be getting married.

Dear Bride-to-be: What do you think? Love, Rachel

It doesn’t feel real at all, but it is. And since I can’t change it, I might as well plan it!

The thing about helping with this wedding is that every idea she has is the same one I had or vice versa. It is so special to realize that I know her well enough to know what she loves and who she is in so many areas.

I am so thankful to have had the chance to be her roommate and her friend, and now her bridesmaid. Hers is a friendship I would never trade and I’m so excited about the chance to help with her special day.


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