Day 88: Airports and Early Mornings {Part 3}

Using a Mac on an airplane. I feel so cool!

I have my new pink headphones in and let’s pretend I’m listening to something grown up and work appropriate, working on something business related.

Okay really I am sitting here typing a blog post listening to boy band music, but I still feel like a young professional. (Just practicing for the future.)

After my non-adult mistake and subsequent freak out yesterday I am attempting to redeem myself by acting like an adult working in an airplane.

May I add, this is my first time to type on a computer thousands of feet above the ground.

I have seen people on trips I have been on before typing in the airplane. (I am a surprisingly well-traveled person for being only twenty-two) I always wanted to be one of those people working as they flew. Now I am and I’m loving it.

My trip is coming to a close over twelve hours after originally planned. I am so thankful for the extension. The highlights of this extension are as follows:

Doubletree gives you hot cookies when you check. And they are wonderful!

An awesome dinner at the hotel restaurant with a waitress extremely gifted at her job.

Laps in the swimming pool and an outdoor hot tub surrounded by snow.

Most beautiful sunrise I have seen, maybe ever.

Valentines heart candies given out by the airport people – so happy.

Mailing my sister a “love you” letter from the Denver airport. (Sorry to ruin the surprise Shannon. It should get to you in a few days.)

Einstein Brothers Asiago bagel and best cup of coffee I have had in a long time.

A “Psych” novel my mom bought me in the airport. Who knew those even existed?

And of course, writing in the airplane.

I think it is kind of like the lesson I had been learning about recently. That is about how good God is with my future. Even though I felt like a complete idiot messing up the flights it meant a great extension to the trip and a chance for me to actually get to vacation before I go back to my busy life. He knows what is coming even when I don’t. And even when I mess up!

It is so nice to know God is a gracious God and sometimes I need to be more gracious with myself. Yes I would prefer not to make mistakes, but really mistakes are a part of life and they are a great way to learn as well as a great reminder of God’s unfailing grace.

My mom keeps telling me that she bets I will never mess up booking a flight ever again. She is probably right. I learned my lesson and I was fortunately blessed in spite of the mistake.

This last day of my trip has been a reminder to me to learn from my mistakes, repent when they are sinful mistakes, and remember that God is gracious so I should cut myself some slack on occasion.


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I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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