Day 96: Just Saying

I’ve decided on one of the most traumatic and difficult experiences to face as a college student living away from home. Being sick.

How perfect is this picture? She even has red hair!

It is hard enough to be sick anytime, let alone in the middle of a busy school week and far away from your mother who is so good at making everything better.

Let’s face it, getting sick means wishing God hadn’t make human faces with noses because it is so uncomfortable, and for that matter impossible, to sleep when the dreadful body part is either stuffy or running – which, may I add, it will never decide on one or the other and inevitable switches back and forth between the two. This is both irritating and counter productive.

Then there is the fever. Have you ever tried to sit through and hour and a half lecture with a temperature? Or force yourself to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, because you have nothing in your room, only to find they have nothing even resembling soup which is the only thing that sounds good to your upset mucus filled stomach – sorry for that image.

Okay, I’m whining here. Not from current experience, as I’m not currently feeling sick – though my throat is starting to get that scratchy beginning of being sore feeling – but from past experience as well as the experience of my suitemate who is feeling dreadful, poor thing. (I mean that genuinely, as I hate to see her feeling bad.)

And I know that I have yet to experience the joys of being sick and still showing up for a full days work or having a cold, fever, or any other ailment while chasing around 2.5 small children who cannot have me, the hypothetic mother in this example, taking time off to get well.

I am fully aware that being sick will be much more difficult in my soon to be “grown up” life but for now I am commenting on the unpleasantness of it in my current life situation.

The hardest part, I think, is it is different to be sick all by yourself. Used to, I had Mom right there to take my temperature and make me potato soup. (My mother’s is arguably the best potato soup on the face of the planet by the way.)

I don’t have her to call school and tell them that I will be out sick and arrange to get all my homework collected, which I will have approximately a week to complete though I will only spend three hours on total due to the ease of the high school curriculum.

Mom isn’t here to remember what time I last took Tylenol and to know that I can mix Tylenol and Ibuprofen or prescribe some other cold medicine that makes my nose stop doing that flip-flop thing between stuffy and runny.

Nope. I have to ice my own head, play pharmacist, and secretary all by myself.

It isn’t fun, not that being sick ever is, but being sick at college is even less so.

When I’m older and forced to push through illness and go to work or run after children I will surely miss the days of lying alone in my dorm room staring at the ceiling willing my head to stop hurting.

But for now, I’m going to be sad that when I’m sick my mom isn’t here to make it better.

Fortunately for me, at the threat of sour throat I mentioned, my mom came to my rescue yet again. She brought me a care package complete with vitamin C in the form of tangerines and hot chocolate.

Mostly, being sick just adds to list of things that aren’t much fun about growing up. Though it is perhaps towards the bottom of the list, I just wanted to note the unfortunate sentiments that come with being sick away from home.


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I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

One response to “Day 96: Just Saying

  • Elena

    Reading this blog while I am laid out on the couch, coughing my lungs out, 2,000 miles from home, I completely feel helpless and sad but also glad that I am not the only one who feels that way when I get sick. It is kind of ironic, however, that you mentioned potato soup because that is what I have been craving for the last 14 hours! Love your blog still. Thanks for keeping me entertained while I lay on the couch hahaha

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