Day 100

100. Hard to believe that is only 100 days until graduation. There is just something about the roundness of the number that sort of has me freaking out. I’m sure it will be similar yet highly more terrifying when we get to 75, 50, and especially 10, 1 and 0. (I may possibly be having panic attacks daily when we get close to 0.)

Right now though, all I am faced with is 100.

100 Days Left

That is one yard on a football field for every day until graduation.

A bill with Benjamin Franklin’s face on it. One I would very much like to have in my pocket.

The number of songs they put on those cheesy but way too entertaining 80’s Top 100 Hits shows.

Four quarters, ten dimes, twenty nickels. Two quarters, three dimes, four nickels.

Something that for some reason you had to learn to count to in the first grade.

The year when a company, organization, or even person throws a really big party when it reaches it because it is such a big deal.

The number you look for at the top of the homework assignment you worked really hard on.

The percentage of snowfall you look for on the weather forecast when you don’t want to go to school the next day.


This number represents all those things.

But for today, on day 100 of the countdown, it means it is almost over and that is 100% sad, crazy, scary, and maybe some lesser percentage of wonderful.


About Rachel Ross

I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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