Day 101: Snow Day

February 1st. January came and went, and my first three weeks of spring semester went with it.

Now we are moving on to February, and it is making a name for itself already. With record snowfall in Oklahoma and OKWU’s first snow day of the year, February is looking good!

It’s funny to me thinking about moving in to school to the soundtrack of snowflakes and now February comes with a much more intense version of the same.

Snow days are my favorite days of the school year, not just because of the no school thing, though that is a definite bonus. They are just great days of relaxing and making memories, and I have been praying for one since November.

My first snow day in college was spring semester of my freshman year, if I remember correctly. We woke up early to the announcement of no school. I got thrown into the snow in shorts and a sweatshirt. Later, my friend Ashley tackled me during a snowball fight and sprained my foot (I still won’t let her forget that). Thus I was forced to spend the rest of the day lying on my bed by myself whining and crying to myself while everyone else had fun in the snow.

Thinking back on that, I’m not sure why I enjoy snow days so much. But with the exception of that first one, all other snow days have been exceedingly more exciting.

The greatest thing about snow days is the slowness.

When the ground is covered by blankets of snow, this time it’s more like layers of down comforters – lots of them, and no one can go anywhere; there is a peacefulness that creeps over campus, and the world, at least the part with snow.

The day takes on this whole other pace. Crazy busy life is thrust by the way side and the pace of relaxation is adopted only to yield panic when the snow starts to melt.

But however long it lasts the white scenery means a beautiful escape from “real life” and a chance to just breathe.

Freshman Year Snow Day

Today’s snow day started with pancakes with a bunch of my girl friends. It included a movie marathon starring Bill Pullman, Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping. In these movies Pullman plays arguable one of the most precious characters ever in While You Were Sleeping. Jack, the brother of a man in a coma, falls in love with Sandra Bullock, hope I didn’t ruin that for you. But he plays one of the characters I feel the most sorry for in Sleepless in Seattle.

Later I finished reading Redeeming Love, which I’ve been trying to read since Christmas, had dinner, and did pretty much nothing. It has been great. And, with the announcement of no school for tomorrow and over a foot of snow on the ground, the itinerary for tomorrow looks surprisingly similar.

It’s nice to take life slow and is probably something we should adopt for other days of the year besides just snow days.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34


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