Day 103

Well, you all have been listening to me talk, whine and explain for seventeen days now. Some days have been more sarcastic then others. Some days more apt to cause tears then others. Some days, I really don’t feel like writing and other days I have something itching on my brain all day before I finally get the chance to sit down and get it out where you can read it.

When I do write, I hope you know I’m not just writing for me. I’m not just babbling because I can, okay sometimes I do that. But truthfully, I wanted to write this blog to share what I’m feeling and hopefully to help you, whoever you are, figure out what you are feeling.

I got the idea for this blog at a writer’s conference I went to last semester. There was a woman named Holley Gerth there. She was one of the speakers. I was so inspired by her and her heart for the Lord and heart to share powerful God-inspired words with others.

In the workshop she taught, she talked a lot about “the audience.” The audience is a marketing term used to describe the people you are specifically trying to target, reach or, in this case, talk to. Holley talked about how important it is to pick a specific audience and write to them. And if I remember correctly, she talked about picking an audience that you, meaning me, could relate to.

That is what gave me the idea to highlight life as an almost graduate. I figured there where lots of people out in the world who are in similar situations and feel similar things. Actually, I know there are lots, because I know several of them. Thus, I decided, what better thing to write about?

That being said, Holley Gerth is starting off today’s post topic. Thank you’s. (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love lists.)

So here are my Top 10 Thank You’s for today:


Thank you Holly for inspiring me to write a blog. One that would inspire people through my word, like you inspired me with yours. (


Thanks Mom for your bedtime stories and help with grammar and story lines when I needed it. It is you who inspired me to be a writer and I hope I can one day live up to your superior story telling ability.


Thank you Oklahoma Wesleyan University for being so wonderful. Without you I may have had a horrible college experience, be way too anxious to graduate and thus have nothing to write about.


To Megan Marie Mueller for starting a blog first and reminding me to get my butt in gear. ( Same to Elena for scolding me when I don’t post and encouraging me to write when I really don’t want to. (


Thank you Tirzah for always having my back with the editing. What would I do without my grammar girl?


Thank you Maloree for adding my blog to yours. You really have no idea how excited I was when that happened! (


Thank you to all my professors who have helped me become a better writer. You have contributed to this more then you may ever know.


Thank you to everyone who reads this and for all your wonderful encouragements via comment, Facebook message, or word of mouth. It makes my heart so happy to know I am actually accomplishing what I set out to do, touch someone else’s heart. Also, it is such an encouragement to me to hear what God is doing in each of your hearts, irrespective of me.


Thank you to my wonderful friends, without whom I would have no fun stories to tell and I wouldn’t be so sad to graduate, or so excited about what the future holds for all of us. Nor would I know how blessed I am to have had the last four years that I did.

And #10 (Which is really #1 but I wanted to put it last for impact.)

I thank the Lord for giving me the desire and gift to write. Also, thanks to Him for giving me the words to speak to help others. This semester is certainly a journey for me and I am so thankful to have my Father right beside me as I go.

If you are reading this and you don’t know who some of these people are, that’s okay. The point was not only to thank the people worthy of thanking but also to remind everyone how important other people are in something like this. I couldn’t do it all by myself.

So, if you have someone you need to thank for something – anything – even something that may seem little or insignificant, do it. Though the art of the Thank You card may be a little out of practice in today’s society, saying thank you is always a good idea.


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I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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