Day 107

10 things I [insert choice of emotion here] about graduation.

10 things I hate. 10 things I fear. 10 things I would prefer not to have to go through. You get the picture. So here they are:

  1. The confusion, the shot in the dark, the what the heck am I doing feeling.
  2. The fact that ever since I was five-years-old and lost my favorite stuffed animal when my family moved and was thus forced to pick a new favorite, nowhere near as awesome as the original, I have avoided change whenever possible and since learned to hate it. AKA, I hate change.
  3. Final semester means everything is the “last one.” Plus, it is really annoying when everyone looks around at each other with the look of “Ah sad. This is the last time we ever get to ____.” The repetition of this “last one” phrase is not comforting in the least.
  4. Graduation means new opportunities to fall on my butt and flat out fail. (I think I just discovered I’m having trouble in this area.)
  5. Weddings, weddings, weddings. Giving away way too many of my friends. And yes I know I don’t actually give them away, but I will be in my heart. By that I mean I will be imagining myself standing there, likely crying the entire time, handing them off to their significant other. I don’t mean resigning forever not to be friends with them just because they are married and live in Kentucky.
  6. Having to make new friends. This totally sounds like that middle schooler who had to move in the middle of eighth grade year but it is hard to build new relationships no matter how old you are. It is so easy to make friends in a college setting when you are thrust into this world filled with people your own age. The school plans events on the weekends just so you can hang out. They make you live in tiny rooms with a random stranger within spitting distance of the other two complete strangers across or down the hall. And yes, in high school, you sort of have this, but you don’t live next door and eat every meal
  7. Learning. I’m serious about this one. I am certain I will learn more in the rest of my life than I have in the last four years, but there is something, at least for me, about sitting in the front row listening to that same teacher I’ve have had in class for four years now and knowing what he or she is going to say next before she or he says it and just soaking it all in. And if you’re like me, writing notes 90 miles an hour. Okay, 60 words a minute, a talent still not honed enough to keep up with some professors.
  8. Answering questions! If you haven’t figured out yet I have to try to keep from rolling my eyes when someone asks me what I’m doing after college. Obviously I wouldn’t actually roll my eyes as they are only trying to show their interest and concern, but I have to admit, it gets old. This is very similar to people commenting on my height. I’m only 5’2,’’ so not very tall. Not that big of a deal, or so I thought. I was wrong. Literally every person I have ever met has commented on the fact that I’m short. Like I didn’t know that. It’s basically the same thing with the “What are you going to do with life” question, and I always have to say, “I don’t know,” like I always have to say, “Yes, I know I’m short.”
  9. The end. The close of the best, and maybe hardest, four years of my life to date.
  10. But the thing that I hate most about graduation, more than everything else combined, is that I won’t get to hang out with these people every single day. I love you all.

    The gang - minus a few.


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I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

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