Day 108

Wedding Mania {Part 1}

You may have noticed that I didn’t write Saturday. Oops! I got into trouble by one of my very loyal readers who I am extremely thankful for, so I’m making up for it today by writing about Saturday.

I didn’t write that day for several reasons, many of which almost kept me from writing today. 1) I was really busy. Not the laying around doing nothing and just saying I’m busy, but the actually busy kind of busy. 2) I wasn’t sure what to write about. 3) I wasn’t in the mood to write, but really reasons 1 and 2 where the main ones.

So today, I’m still not sure what to write about but I’m going to try. I think it is a normal part of this whole blogging thing to run out of stuff to say, especially when you have 107 days of saying something still to go.

If you remember my first blog post, you may remember a list of questions that I often get asked in the face of graduation, among them, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” I have been asked this, and said yes to it, three times this school year. I am now up to ten weddings between now and the end of July and a bridesmaid in three. (Let’s all pray there are no more weddings to come because I might lose it!)

Saturday, my business consisted of wedding mania.

There have been a few days, okay maybe more than a few, where I have complained about all the weddings I have coming up. Saturday was not one of those days. I had a blast! Brooke, my old roommate, and I brainstormed details for her picnic themed reception and got lost in happy wedding planning bliss. Brooke, because it’s her wedding, and me, because I love to plan.

The bridesmaid dress!

The next event on the agenda was trying on the bridesmaid’s dresses. We made a trip down to David’s Bridal with all the college friend bridesmaids for this. We tried on the sample sizes of the dress, which fit all the various shaped maids perfectly. And the color, a greenish turquoise color named “jade” according to David’s Bridal, is absolutely stunning and will be a perfect complement to the flowers in the bride’s signature color, yellow.
The bridal shop was a mad house, being that it was a Saturday morning. There where brides everywhere. Most already in dresses, that ran the gamut on sizes, shapes, and even color. Some brides had huge parties in tow and our party was small in comparison to most, with just five.

The highlight of the event, for me, was coming out of the bathroom I saw a young bride in a dress with the skirt covered in those rosette things that are so popular now. She had a matching rosette in her hair and a smile to shame all other smiles on her face. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so excited, and she looked beautiful in it.

The low point of the day, which happened to also be the funniest, was also brought on by a wedding dress. Did that surprise you? I mean we were in a wedding dress shop. What else really could have done it?

There is a tradition at David’s bridal that I got to experience for the first time, though from a distance, and I have officially chosen to restrain from ever partaking in it and am committed to mock it at all possible moment.

The bell ringing.

I mean really? It is sort of ridiculous and extremely annoying. I was standing in the dressing room, bright pink, sample bridesmaid dress on, when I heard the first bell. I looked at my friend Emily and my only response was a drawn out and discussed, “Gross!” We both started dying laughing, and she told me she was so glad I thought that because that was exactly what she was going to say.

I’m not saying I am in any way unhappy for the girls who just “found the dress,” exactly the opposite, in fact. I couldn’t be more excited for them but really a bell?

Emily’s therapeutic response to this traumatic experience was, “If I found my bridesmaid dress, do I get to blow a whistle?” Another of my friends later added, “Then you would have all the bells and whistles.”

Finally, our wedding events ended with a trip to a fabric store to peruse the selection as options for table centerpieces for the wedding reception. We were delighted to find that the store is moving to a new location, meaning 50% off almost everything!


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