Day 110

Keeping with the theme from Friday of doing something different, and following a great church service I went to today, I’m going to do something a little different. This is a prayer that God laid on my heart today for all those who feel even the least bit similar to me. Just know, as you read this that this is a prayer for you.

Dear loving Father,

God, I lift up all of those people that I love, and that You love, who are in a time in their life where they are scared or uncertain. Lord I pray that as life unfolds in front of them, whether it is what they expected or not, that you will guide their every step. That you will give them peace in the uncertainties and Your strength in replacement for their weaknesses.

And God I pray that they will be weak. That they will see how impossible it is to accomplish anything good without You. That they would lay down their lives and their everything for You.

Pray, Praise, and be Thankful

For those who feel as if the rug has been ripped out from under them and they just can’t figure out a plan anymore. Those that have been planning their lives by themselves for so long and now sit on the cement floor confused and lost and feeling far too separate from You. God, I pray that You would meet them in that place. That You would lift them up and let them know that You love them, no matter where they are or how separate they feel from You. I pray You would wrap them in Your arms and give them comfort and remind them that Your plan is good even when we cannot see it.

And remind them that You do have a plan. If they look around to their right and to their left and see people who seem to have it all together and seem to be accomplishing so much and think, “Why isn’t that me, why don’t I know where I’m going?” Remind those who look on the well accomplished and put together people that if they walk in Your will and Your way, they too have an incredible life ahead of them. And an incredible life waiting right now if they only look to You for guidance.

Jesus, for those with broken hearts or broken lives, I pray that you will heal them piece by piece, bit by bit, because You where broken that we might be healed even our hearts and spirits as well as our physical bodies.

I pray that You would hold their every moment, calm their raging seas, walk with them through fire, and heal all their disease. I pray, above all, that they would trust in You even when it is difficult. I pray they would believe in You as their healer and that they would know You are their portion and You are more than enough for them. You are all they need.

God thank you for all the good things that You are and all the good things I know You are going to give these people even if, to them, it doesn’t feel like that is possible now. I know it is. I know You are capable because You are a big and loving God, and thank you for that.


About Rachel Ross

I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

4 responses to “Day 110

  • Sarah Godwin

    This was seriously EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight. I’m so thankful for you and how God has enabled you to write something that blessed me today.

  • Mandie O'Flinn

    I have to tell you I started reading your blogs just wondering what was going on in the life of the girl that grew up down the street from me. I have to tell you though I continue to read them because they are a continual blessing to me. Your blogs truly speak to my heart. You are greatly annointed in your writing and I’m thankful you began writing these. I am so glad I decided to start reading. God Bless and continue writing.

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