Day 114

I have a small obsession with two things: boy band music and pre-teen television. I realize I should be embarrassed at how much I like both of these things but there really is no reason to hide it. I just love it.

Middle school started it all. I mean, come on, NSYNC and the Back Street Boys where just awesome. Okay, even if they were awful we all would have loved them anyway, or at least I would have. Whether good or bad, because I grew up on that music it is stuck forever in my heart.

My other love, pre-teen television, also stems for that era of my life. It was when I started watching way too much Disney channel. I unfortunately haven’t been able to quit since. It just so happens that on most days these types of shows are the only ones on TV that don’t have something raunchy or inappropriate on them. They, for the most part, work to teach good morals and basic life lessons even if done in a cheesy and sometimes more worldly manner then, say, Veggie Tales. Sorry, just had to defend middle school television for a minute!

Anyway, these two loves have been joined into one mindless television/musical experience in shows such as Hannah Montana and the multimillion dollar corporation and worldwide phenomenon that is High School Musical.

The newest addition in this joint genre for my television/music list is a band, and TV show, called Big Time Rush. It is a completely pointless and stupid TV show that I love to watch when I don’t want to think about anything. But really there music isn’t bad. It is very boy bandish, obviously since it is boy band, but here I am using it as a descriptive term, but still good.


The other day I was getting ready for a basketball game, I think, and I started listening to the words of one of their songs. It is called Half Way There. To me it hit home as relevant to the end of my college career looking out towards the rest of my life to come.

This may be especially relevant for those of you who are struggling to be done with school when you are just so close to the end and can’t wait to get there. Also, there is one line in there that says, “leaning on each others shoulders.” It reminded me that I’m not alone and that getting through happens by leaning on God and on my friends and family around me.

All that said; here are the lyrics. All I ask is try to take it serious and not think of it as a cheesy boy band, but a piece of wisdom.


When the chips are down, back against the wall

Got no more to give ’cause we gave it all

Seems like going the distance is unrealistic

But we’re too far from the start

So we take what comes

And we keep on going

Leaning on each others shoulder

Then we turn around

And see we’ve come so far somehow

We’re halfway there

We’re looking good now

Nothing is going get in the way

We’re halfway there

And looking back now

Never thought that I’d ever say

We’re Halfway There

We’re Halfway There




About Rachel Ross

I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

3 responses to “Day 114

  • Shannon Ross

    You are brilliant!!! Really, that is all I can say when I read your beautiful words on my computer screen. You make me want to start my own blog though I fear it would be nothing in comparison to yours. So much of what you are feeling is exactly how I feel. It is nice knowing that even though are lives feel so different at times, they really are quite similar! Thank you for sharing your heart with all of those who will listen! Love you


  • Sarah Godwin

    Jonas. Brothers.

    I love reading your blog Rach.

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