Day 120


Glorified water.

Or, water on steroids, if you like exaggerations created by adding steroids to something to make it better, or at least more, than the original.

So what does snow have to do with graduating college you may ask? I will tell you. But let me first start with a story.

My sophomore year, I arrived back in Bartlesville, OK; this arrival being arguably the most exciting because, let’s face it, going back to school is always more fun after you’ve just finished your freshman year.

I arrive with a car jam-packed full of as many things as I could possibly fit into it. If you know me, you know this is a lot of stuff since I am sort of a pack rat who has to bring everything with me everywhere I go. I pulled on to campus with all my stuff in tow and an array of increasingly dark grey clouds following in my wake. And yes, you guessed it, just as I was getting out of my car to start the hours of unpacking it started to rain. I say rain, but really it started to downpour.

It poured a solid two hours and then let up to a sprinkle, which I took as a window of opportunity to start unloading that bulging car and get to organizing its contents. Boxes of books, plastic tub of shoes, umbrella (the one handy thing I packed), and just when I grabbed the laundry basket full of clothes, which obviously had no lid because it was a laundry basket, the sprinkling turned on me, and it began to pour all over again.

Repeat the process of the Oklahoma skies pouring and sprinkling and me unpacking to imagine the rest of that very long and wet day.

Okay, so it might not have been exactly like that. I mean I don’t remember what I packed my shoes in two and a half years ago, but I do know it rained just as it had done the year before. My freshman year I moved out to rainfall and almost every time I have moved into or out of school for a break, be it summer or otherwise, it has rained.

So you may still be asking what this has to do with snow. Well, this semester it didn’t rain.

It snowed.

The plan was for me to leave my house at 5:00 pm after I finished a movie with my mom and sister, but at 4:15, my entire family was racing to pack all my stuff in the car and get me off to school before too much of it stuck to the ground. If you are a northerner, please feel free to laugh at this because I am from Oklahoma and a wimp when it comes to snow.

I left home safely with the snow dwindling to flurries before I even near Bartlesville making my speedy exit from home entirely unnecessary. However, it did make me think.


Glorified Rain.

I have moved in to college, almost without fail, while being pelted by raindrops. It had become habit and almost nostalgic. But this time, my last time, I got snow.

I reached OKWU (Oklahoma Wesleyan University, if I haven’t mentioned that and you don’t already know where I go to school) and as I drove to my parking place and glanced around the campus with a white sheet forming on top of it, I had to smile to myself.

It was almost like the snow, or almost like God, was saying, “Here you go; here is something special. Here is a little piece of tradition with some added wonder for your last semester.”

To me, it was a promise that the wonderful times I had experience in those semesters marked by rainy beginnings are going to be even better and more wonderful this time.

It was a reminder to savor the silly moment and even the ones that frustrate me to no end. I mean, if you think about it, snow and rain are a pain. They make it hard to drive, for this Oklahoma girl anyway. They make it hard to unload stuff or be outside. They make everything wet and soggy or frozen and slippery, but both are what make life happen. They make things grow and thrive and live.

So this semester, with an extra special form of precipitation on the ground, I am reminded to savor every moment and know that life keeps happening and that it will be good, soggy laundry or not.


About Rachel Ross

I am a college student facing the last semester of college before I am thrust, unwillingly and fairly unprepared, into the real world. View all posts by Rachel Ross

2 responses to “Day 120

  • Amy Martin

    Rachel I am amazed and in love with your writing style! You should really be a writer. Well, you are 🙂 I’m glad I read it. And if you know me, which I’m pretty sure you do by now lol, you know I don’t really like to read. You know all the books I watched the movie of instead of read through school, :/ lol. So to be honest, when I clicked on your post and glanced at it my first reaction was, “this is long, I don’t know if I can read it all, I don’t like to read, it’s Rachel, I’ll read it” and I can honestly say when I got to the end I was slightly sad it was over so soon 🙂 That’s impressive! Keep writing!

    • Rachel Ross

      Amy please comment as much as you want! Also thanks for the verse, I love that one also. Oh, and I am glad you are enjoying my writing and just enjoying reading in general – I know how big of a step that is for you!

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